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Coach “O" Supports RaceTab

For Immediate Release, Knoxville, Tennessee - 01/18/08

Coach O Registration has joined forces with RaceTab in a combined effort to help meet directors to manage events.

"I was really pleased to have the opportunity to work with Coach O to help getting their registration system to integrate with our race management software.  It's all about giving our customers options, and this integration will allow our growing user base to utilize Coach O for their meet registration and download the entries effortlessly into RaceTab.  It will also expose our software to the Coach O users that may not have been aware of RaceTab."

"The easier we can make things on meet directors and coaches, the better!  We share in that goal with Coach O," states Jason Byrne, CEO, Milesplit, US.

Coach O Registration is committed to helping meet directors and event managers by developing programs and software that help them to maximize their time, states Charles Oliver (Coach O).

This commitment was evident during the summer when collaboration with The Amateur Athletic Union produced an on-line registration procedure that registered over 9300 athletes and declared 8500 athletes for the AAU Junior Olympic Games. This was the largest meet ever to utilize Online registration.

We support the sport…Track & Field

For additional information about upcoming events, please visit or contact Charles Oliver at

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