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Women's Steeplechase Report   "Our 14th Year – Readers in 53 nations"

Volume Number 484 – 11 July 2009 (Adobe Acrobat) >>

Click on the attached "PDF" file to open Women's Steeplechase Report 484 for easy reading on your computer screen -- or for printing on paper.

SR 484 includes results of steeple competition (heats and final) at this week's World University Games and the World Youth Championships as well as the Golden Gala at Rome -- three major meets relatively near each other. Also reported are meets in other parts of Europe -- and the USA Master's Championship where an age group world steeple record was broken.

That's 130 finish places, names, and times -- as usual all on one page that you can print and save in a 3-hole ring binder to make your own reference book of steeple performances by women and girls

James E. Fields, Editor
Women's Steeple Report

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