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We have been selling LEGAL supplements since1994!

SSE Products recommend the following supplements:

Phosphate Plus: Equivalent to eating 8-9 bananas’s.
Reduces Muscle Soreness, Cramps, Lactic Acid Build-up

Osteo-Tech: A Calcium/Magnesium blend needed for
“natural” muscle contraction. Reduces possible stress fractures.

C-Power Sports Creatine: Strength Builder that is equivalent to eating 8 pounds of steak each day. Product is in capsule form. Comes with 8 week instruction guide.

CPX Creatine Phosphate Complex: 5 supplements in one. The “Mercedes Benz” of all Supplements. This product contains, Creatine, Phosphate Plus, 13 Amino Acids, MCT’s, Complex Carbohydrate Powder and other essential vitamins. This product is a strength builder.

Coach Steve Silvey 's Book

for High School and Junior High Coaches
     "The 45 Minute Workout"  designed for the middle school coach

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