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Lucky 13 Represent Track & Field in Future Leaders Program

AAU Track & Field Web Article

Success has a way of breeding more success.

Itís a formula that has successfully worked over the years for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Whether it is track & field, basketball, baseball, football, swimming, hockey or martial arts, AAU has blossomed into one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer sports organizations in the United States.

AAUís latest venture is the Future AAU Leaders Program. The purpose is to discover and develop its next generation of leaders.

Thirteen individuals from track & field were among those targeted for this coveted Future AAU Leaders Program. It was announced during the bi-annual 2010 convention in October in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Chosen for track & field were: Tamara Marshall (Chicago, Ill.), Angela Harris (Jacksonville, Fla.), Wallace Nabaa (Smyrna, Ga.), Deamey Warren (Atlanta, Ga.), Sonia Upchurch-Green (Uniondale, N.Y.), Moira Tittle (St. Albans, N.Y.), Yolanda Freeman (Columbus, Ohio), Sean Burris (St. Louis, Mo.), Crystal Rock (Hammond, La.), William Moore (Hampton, Va.), Charlene Moore (Hampton, Va.), Tony Jones (Houston, Tex.) and Tangela Jones (Houston, Tex.).

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